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Most of the way!

Posted in Uncategorized on August 25, 2008 by heart4kids

We are very excited to announce that we have more than 50% of the final adoption fee! Thanks to the very generous gifts of many of you (you know who you are) we are most of the way there. We take this as a confirmation that we are doing the right thing. Maybe we’re not complete lunatics! Just a little on the nutty side. We stepped into this adventure knowing it would be impossible on our own, but now it’s becoming almost feasible. Click the “SPONSOR US” tab for more details on our funds. We may be able to get a little extension on the deadline. The girls are going to be eternally grateful for this chance at life.

During the summer months the girls have been at a beach camp on the Black Sea with with the rest of the kids from their orphanage. This means we haven’t been able to make any phone contact with them. We haven’t actually been able to speak to them since I was there in May. In another week they will be back at their home and we look forward to talking to them on the phone. They will be excited to hear that things are moving ahead with the adoption process!


We have a support team!

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We just saw the list of people who have contributed to the adoption project. Wow! it’s such an encouragement to know that we aren’t in this alone, but there is a team of people who also feel compassion to help these kids. We want to thank all of you who have given! Melissa was in tears as we were reading the list of people who are helping. God will bless you for your soft hearts. I hope that you can all meet these girls someday and see the lives that you have saved. So far about 26% of the agency fee has been donated. Thank you! We were also very encouraged last week to get approval from a foundation for a loan that will cover some of the remaining amount. This is also great news! We are realizing that this is really going to happen.

Here is a photo of Karina with Melissa and Luke when she was with our family a year ago.

Any day now we should get some news from the government agency in Ukraine. If they approve our dossier we will receive an appointment date for us to appear there. We’re waiting anxiously!

Submission Day!

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Well, this is it!  Today is the day that our dossier is supposed to get submitted to the Ukraine department of adoption.  It is the culmination of a huge amount of effort to present everything that they want to see.  We are praying that it meets their approval!  It is also exactly one year since we said goodbye to Karina, after her 3 week visit in our home.  We told her then to be strong and patient, but we were sure the adoption would be completed by now.  Of course, we had no idea then what would transpire with her sisters and everything else.

When I visited the girls at the orphanage they showed me the one photo they still have of their mother.  It was taken about ten years ago, and shows their mother with the two older sisters.  They are standing near a typical Ukraine home.  When I think about it, it’s really a miracle they still have it, after all the things they have been through.  About 5 years after the picture was taken their mom went in a hospital for TB, and they never saw her again.  She later passed away.  I took a picture of the photo they showed me and it’s posted below.

Submission in one week!

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Next Tuesday is the day that our adoption dossier is scheduled to be submitted to the Ukraine government for review.  To the best of our knowledge we have now sent everything to them that they need to see.  We are praying that they will find everything in order!  If everything is agreeable to them, we are told that by the end of August we could receive our court appointment date!  After working on this for a year now, it’s hard to believe that we are getting so close to something really happening.  The biggest hurdle for us now is finances.  We have to pay the agency fees before the end of August.  We are really encouraged by the generous giving of people who want to help, but there is still a long ways to go. (click on SPONSOR US! for details)

The girls have been at a summer camp on the coast of the Black Sea for most of the summer.  I know they are anxious to hear news about the adoption process but we haven’t had any phone contact with them all summer since they have been at the camp.

The sisters, showing some gifts we sent them

The sisters, showing some gifts we sent them

Document arrives!

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Two months after we submitted our request to the INS we finally received the I-171H form yesterday.  This will allow the girls to become US citizens on their arrival in the States.  Our dossier packet just got sent to Ukraine yesterday because we couldn’t wait any longer.  It has to be there for the submission on August 12.  Now we’ll send off the I-171H so it can catch up.  Things are really happening now!  In a few weeks we should hear what our court hearing date will be!