Submission in one week!

Next Tuesday is the day that our adoption dossier is scheduled to be submitted to the Ukraine government for review.  To the best of our knowledge we have now sent everything to them that they need to see.  We are praying that they will find everything in order!  If everything is agreeable to them, we are told that by the end of August we could receive our court appointment date!  After working on this for a year now, it’s hard to believe that we are getting so close to something really happening.  The biggest hurdle for us now is finances.  We have to pay the agency fees before the end of August.  We are really encouraged by the generous giving of people who want to help, but there is still a long ways to go. (click on SPONSOR US! for details)

The girls have been at a summer camp on the coast of the Black Sea for most of the summer.  I know they are anxious to hear news about the adoption process but we haven’t had any phone contact with them all summer since they have been at the camp.

The sisters, showing some gifts we sent them

The sisters, showing some gifts we sent them


2 Responses to “Submission in one week!”

  1. They are beautiful girls! Hope everything goes smoothly with your submission and you get a travel date soon! We got our travel date one week after submitting so I know they are moving fast!!

    Best of luck

  2. heart4kids Says:

    Thanks for the encouraging words. We will be anxious to hear how your trip goes.
    All the best,

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