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Possible set-back

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We just got a call to tell us that our dossier was rejected by the Ukraine government because of a technicality. Apparently a new requirement is in effect for a document that our agency wasn’t aware of. We are going to scramble today to get this taken care of. The two other families adopting from our area are in the same boat. Hopefully the issue can be resolved quickly. Worst case is they could send us to the end of the line, meaning it wouldn’t get reviewed again until next year.  Thankfully, I am still home so we can notarize these papers! (I leave for Dubai Friday.)

Some people are predicting that Ukraine could soon come under the kind of attack from Russia that Georgia has suffered. See this article from yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:


Extension on deadline

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Aza, the oldest sister will turn 15 on October 1

Thankfully, it looks like we will have until the end of September to make the final payment of the fees to the adoption agency! We are delighted that we now have almost 60% of the final payment, thanks to the generous giving of many caring people! Pray with us about the remaining funds required.

A generous family gave us a beautiful bunk bed for the girls to use, and we are getting it set up in their room. We can’t wait until the girls are home with us. With the insecurities now in Eastern Europe we are getting more anxious to finalize this process.

We are still waiting anxiously to hear what day we are required to appear in Ukraine.