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15 years old now

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A little princess!

On October 1 Aza turned 15. We were sad that we couldn’t be with her on her birthday. We did get some help though from a gracious American lady named Adeline who works in the same town as the orphanage. Adeline bought some gifts, a chocolate bar and a rose, and took them to the orphanage to give to Aza on her birthday. We can only hope that she got them. Aza is a very sweet girl. She feels a big responsibility to look after her younger sisters. She makes sure they do their best in school and encourages them to keep a positive attitude.

The girls only have a handful of photos from their younger years. This is one of Aza when she was about 7. I took a picture of the photo with my camera, so it’s not the best quality. This was probably taken by her mother on a special day. Judging by the back-pack it may have been the first day of school. I know they didn’t have much money, but I think their mother sacrificed to take care of the girls. It must have been painful for their mom to say good-bye to these beautiful kids.

We are still waiting patiently for a decision from the adoption ministry in Ukraine. They have all of our paperwork and now we can only hope and pray that they will be in favor of our efforts. Because this process has been extended longer than we originally thought, we are still collecting donations toward the cause. (See “Sponsor Us”) Pray with us that these girls can join our family soon!