We just got a message that a travel date has been assigned to us!  We just don’t know when it is yet.  Tomorrow our agent in Kiev will go to the ministry office and try to get the details.  If this is true it means our dossier has been accepted!!  This is really good news.

I’ve learned that Northwest Airlines gives discounts to adopting families.  I’ve just filled out the application and am hoping this will be a help.  With the rising cost of flights this could make a big difference.

Tomorrow morning we are going to attempt another phone call to the girls.  We hope to really encourage them this time.

Again we want to thank everyone who has donated to the project!  About 2/3 of the total agency fee has been received in donations!!  You guys are amazing!!  For the other 1/3 we’ve been able to procure a loan from a foundation that helps these kinds of projects.  It’s really coming together!


2 Responses to “Hopeful!!”

  1. Oh, I so hope you are able to travel soon. It is amazing how fast you can actually get things into a suitcase when you know you have children waiting for you! We will keep you in our prayers.

  2. That is really a great sign! I am jealous that you have a date! (LOL) Perhaps you will be able to travel before the holidays.
    Keeping my fingers crossed!

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