New Rule

Just when things are looking up we get something new to worry about!  We’ve just learned from another family who is in Ukraine now that there is a new rule there taking affect.  The new rule is to prevent siblings from being separated if some are adopted and others would be left in the country.  To make our story more interesting, the three girls have a fourth, younger sister somewhere in the country.  She apparently is in the foster-care system and we have been led to believe that she is not available for adoption.  Could this be a road-block to our process?  We hope not!  “Abraham believed God and it was credited to him as righteousness”.  We’re going to keep pushing ahead and believe that this is going to work!!  We’ve seen too many miracles already to think this could be fruitless.


2 Responses to “New Rule”

  1. Second time around with this comment! Kim and I are checking our blogs. Our internet service doesn’t work. We are using the internet at the cllinic. That is where we are all staying. Congratulations on your date. Don’t worry too much about the separation, I really don’t think it affects foster care kids. Post often so we know what is going on with you guys. Can’t wait to see you. Pam & Kim

  2. We are leaving on Nov 23, to adopt 2 who also have a younger sibling in foster care. We would like to adopt all 3, can you e-mail me and let me know any developments on your sibling foster-care situation? We were told the “separation” will not be an issue as well, but we want all 3 kids.

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