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I finally arrived in Ukraine yesterday, after some delays. Following a wild car ride last night from Odessa to Belgorod, I went to the orphanage to see the girls. Luda told me that they have called her every day to ask when Papa is coming. It was great to see them again. They are very sweet and are trying to be patient. The next step for us is to go to the regional office where they were born to get the new birth certificates. Since I arrived too late to go this week, I have to wait now until Tuesday to do that. This is a huge disappointment. We can’t start the passport process until we have that done. Passports usually take about a week, but maybe there will be a miracle and it will go faster.
After much effort I found an internet cafe where I am writing this. The computer is mostly in Russian, so it’s not easy.


Off to a slow start

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For some reason this final trip isn’t starting out very well.  Dubai was fogged in this morning so the plane was 6 hours late taking off.  I missed the connection in Istanbul to Odessa, so now I’m trying to find a place to overnight in Istanbul.  The next flight to Odessa isn’t until Friday afternoon.  That means we can’t collect the birth papers until next week.  I talked with Luda who says the office to get the papers is closed Monday.  We’ll have to wait now until Tuesday to get the papers, and apply for passports on Wednesday.

Final stages

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On Thursday I’ll be leaving Dubai to head to Ukraine.  After a 5 hr layover in Istanbul I’ll go to Odessa and take a car from there to Belgorod, where the orphanage is.  Our translator, Lyuda, wrote me to say that the girls keep calling her to ask again when I’m coming.  I guess they’re as excited as I am!  If all goes well I estimate that we will arrive in California on February 11.

Karina and Miranda as we were saying goodbye in December

Karina and Miranda as we were saying goodbye in December

Soon the final trip

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In about a week I will be making the final trip to Ukraine to pick up the girls!  I expect to be there about 10 days.  One of the challenges we face is getting their Ukrainian passports.  This process could take about a week.  I plan to arrive at the orphanage on January 29, and I’m hoping everything goes quickly!