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2 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Three years ago my husband and I went to Ukraine to adopt one little boy. We already had five birth children. Our one little boy turned into 5 girls. All full siblings. It was crazy but I wouldn’t change it for anything. I was pretty sure I wouldn’t do it again. Surprise. I just returned home from Ukraine a week ago and on Friday my husband and new son will return. We, too, had to sell our home and cars and furniture and everything we coud think of to raise the $100,000 it took to get the girls. We still carried alot of debt and weren’t sure how we would get our son. Many good people helped us this time and it came down to selling my wedding rings. For a moment it was hard and then it seemed so simple. ” Things” in return for a child. You know the feeling – Once you look into their eyes – How could you not? Things are getting tougher in Ukraine. Adoptions will soon be a thing of the past there. Enjoy every minute of your journey.

  2. Congradulations!!! Let us know when you have the girls home with you. We are so excited about the new family members!!

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